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Jesus tells us to, 'pray without becoming weary.' (Luke 18,1).

With this in mind we have decided to join together as a 'living Rosary' wherever we are for 24 hours on certain days in order to pray for peace in our country, in Europe, in the world, and for the great intentions of the 'Lady of All Nations'.

24 Hours for Mary
If you want to pray with us, you’ll find the list below to sign up. Just pick a time slot (or more !) that you are willing to dedicate to Our Lady by praying the Holy Rosary. That’s how we will create a living chain of prayer on these specific days. It’s so simple: sign your name up and you will be added to the list. When the day is over your data will be deleted and then you can sign up to pray again. You also have the possibility to sign up for the same time every week.

Thank you for helping Our Lady through your prayer, so that she can help us in these difficult times.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us:
Monday, September 26th 2016
00:00 Sign upHelene van der HeijdenHeidemarie FeixMevr. van Dijk Sandersmonika soeten+ 2
00:30 Sign upHeidemarie FeixAnna Z.   
01:00 Sign up Alexandra
01:30 Sign upSilvia Gebley    
02:00 Sign upLinda DePuydt    
02:30 Sign up Hildegard Rieß
03:00 Sign upHildegund ChallShirleyJozef Malindra  
03:30 Sign upSilvia GebleyMichaela Aschenbrenner   
04:00 Sign upMonika SchmitzSopoligová VeronikaFrantiška Hrinová  
04:30 Sign upRettenberger ElisabethAnna Barbara RieplerEsterSopoligová Veronika 
05:00 Sign upAntonia RiesWeberAKrenn AloisiaEster+ 4
05:30 Sign upGabrieleGisela HeinemannFranziskaInge + 3
06:00 Sign upAnnemarie SimmendingerGabriele KoglerValentin Kerschbaumer P.H. Oesterle+ 20
06:30 Sign upKarl- Heinz MühlbergerFrau UrbanMaria DillmannEdeltraud Mysliwitz+ 2
07:00 Sign upKarl- Heinz MühlbergerMechthildLivio NargiElia+ 1
07:30 Sign upAndrea HeßmannDan DePuydt Maria Neururer
Manuel Seitz 
08:00 Sign upCäcilieRenate und Hans HerbingenNada KrvavacGabi Weiß+ 2
08:30 Sign upSiegmund RiemerVera ProtzeKühnis Sr. AnnalenaGisela Schelb+ 6
09:00 Sign upSiegmund RiemerFrau Rosenberger Natalie Hanke
Simone Abenthung
09:30 Sign upRosenkranzgr. SchwazChristoph KanduthEvelyn Schmalzl   
10:00 Sign upPhilominaEddy und Loretta BugayEttler Johanna  
10:30 Sign upHeidi Stampfli Emilia Ch
11:00 Sign upHerger Vreni Philip W.
Jozefina M.Hannasch
11:30 Sign upHerger Vreni Evelyn Schmalzl    
12:00 Sign upByron Keefe familyMichelle SchaapveldHerr Lüthi  
12:30 Sign upTadeusz Czupkiewicz- Hamburg Maria
13:00 Sign upRosenkranzkapelleGabriele Brehs Klara
13:30 Sign upAnna-Maria A. Hedi
Christa Theresa
Christa Theresa
14:00 Sign upAnnaGerda BeckerBartková Paulínalaura limoli spranzi+ 1
14:30 Sign up Christine
Franz A.
15:00 Sign upBirgit WunderlingnisyangSiegmund RiemerJunghild Grün+ 4
15:30 Sign upBirgit WunderlingSiegmund RiemerJunghild GrünElfriede Kappek+ 2
16:00 Sign upFrau GermrothMaggioni GiannaMaria Tola Pheli
+ 2
16:30 Sign upBeatrixMaria ^DahlAnna Greco Johanna D
+ 1
17:00 Sign upPaula H. Anna HeidingsfelderSr. Waltraud ZounekMarta+ 1
17:30 Sign upOtt Ilse und HansAnna Rosa, Bernd, Edi, FrankaMária Vlasturčiaková Andrea E.
18:00 Sign upP.H.OesterleRüdiger Kloß Marlies Ina Maria S. Müller+ 6
18:30 Sign upGemeinde StruthMarianne Sorger Oľga S.
19:00 Sign updankaAstner K.MagdalenaPaulette Pitre+ 3
19:30 Sign upWidum Pfarre Bruck Savia Ingrid Hörtnagl
gebetsgr. corazones jesús y maria
20:00 Sign upStudenten in WienGebetskreis St. Therese vom Kinde Jesus Aumayr CharlotteKapeller Claudia+ 3
20:30 Sign upWolfgang WächterAndreasAgataJulia Maria+ 1
21:00 Sign upDoris SchudaNada KrvavacHelga GuggMargherita Segna+ 1
21:30 Sign upDoris SchudaGertrude GürtlerFriedbert SchäferMária Repkovská 
22:00 Sign upAnka JM.Ch.Magdalena AngrickOtmar + 2
22:30 Sign upDaniela M.John Wilson & Gudrun Korell-WilsonBarbara MainkaGerlinde Vater+ 2
23:00 Sign upMartin GFrau FeiksIda Witzerstorfer Family Gouhie
23:30 Sign upIgnatiusCarla C.Rebecca Elschker Martin G